Saturday, March 7, 2009

.:Bon Bons:.

1 boxed cake mix (chocolate or dark chocolate)
1 can of frosting (chocolate)

Additional materials to roll your bon bons in:
- sprinkles
- powdered sugar
- white sugar
- cocoa
- cinnamon and sugar
- or whatever else you think would be tasty!

Bake the cake as you would regularly.
Let it cool!
Take the cake out of the pan and put into a bowl.
Mash it up with your hands.
Add the can of frosting into the bowl and stir together.
Roll into balls and place on wax paper. You may want to spray your hands with no stick spray.
Put in the freezer until tacky.
Roll them in whatever you'd like!
Store in the fridge.


1 comment:

Nikki said...

Thank you thank you for posting this. Except now I'm going to get fat. Those things were delicious.