Monday, June 29, 2009

.:Picnic Cake:.

My friend made this a couple of weeks ago when I was over at her house. It was delicious, especially warm, right out of the oven!

Picnic Cake

1 3/4 c. boiling water
1 c. oatmeal
1/2 c. butter
3/4 c. white sugar
3/4 c. brown sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 3/4 c. flour
2 T. cocoa
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. vanilla
1 bag chocolate chips
1/2 c. brown sugar

Preheat oven to 350.
Pour boiling water over butter and oatmeal and let sit for 10 min.
Then add sugars and mix by hand.
Add eggs.
Add baking soda, cinnamon, flour, cocoa, salt, vanilla and 1/2 bag of choco chips.
Pour into greased 9 x 13 inch pan.
Sprinkle with remaing choco chips and 1/2 cup brown sugar.
Bake for 30 min.

Friday, June 26, 2009

.:Peanut Butter Pizza:.

Could it get any better than this?

I found this blog this morning, and stumbled upon this recipe. It sounds delicious, so I had to share! I'm sure with the marshmallows, it would be a hit with kids!

PEANUT BUTTER PIZZA from Pink Nothings

Heat oven to 375 degrees.

1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup margarine (room temp)
1 1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup smooth peanut butter
6 oz semi sweet choc. chips
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1 egg
2 cups miniature marshmallows

Blend together: sugar, brown sugar, margarine, peanut butter, vanilla and egg.

Now stir in flour.

Press mixture into 12'' or 14'' pizza pan forming the mixture onto the edge.

Bake 10 min.

Take out of oven, sprinkle 2 cups miniature marshmallows and 6 0z semi sweet choc. chips on top.

bake another 5-8 minutes until marshmallows are slightly brown and bubbly.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sweet and Sour Chicken

I haven't tried this recipe yet, but I am going to! It is easy and looks yummy! I saw it on Studio 5 on KSL the other day. A gal from the USU extension in SLC was on the show to make it. They hold a free menu planning class during the summer if anyone is interested. They help you learn to plan a menu, cook healthy, and shop wisely. I am signed up for the July 15th class, and there is another one in August. Click here to get the info on it :)


* 1 can (15 - 20 oz) pineapple chunks
* 1 cup water
* ¼ cup vinegar
* 1/3 cup brown sugar
* ¼ tsp. ginger
* 2 Tbsp. soy sauce
* 2 Tbsp. cornstarch
* 2 boneless, skinless, chicken breasts cut into thin strips
* 1 green pepper, cut into thin strips
* 2 carrots, thinly sliced
* 2 stalks celery, thinly sliced
* 1 onion, chopped
* Salt and pepper to taste


Drain the pineapple juice into a bowl and reserve the pineapple chunks. Add water, vinegar, brown sugar, ginger and cornstarch to the juice and mix well. Coat a large skillet with cooking spray. Sauté the chicken over medium-high heat until all juices run clear. Add the onion, green pepper, celery and carrots; then sauté until tender. Add the pineapple juice mixture and stir while the sauce thickens. Mix in the pineapple chunks. Season with salt and pepper if desired. Serve over hot rice.

Makes 6 to 8 servings

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

.:Skor Fruit Dip:.

This fruit dip is really tasty, and perfect for the hot summer days when you don't want to bake a treat! It serves great with lots of different kinds of fruit.

- 1 8oz. package cream cheese, softened
- 1/2 c. brown sugar
- 1/4 c. white sugar
- 1 t. vanilla

Hand stir.

Stir in 1 c. Skor bits.

I don't know if they sell Skor bits in the baking section; I've never checked. I think I just bought some Skor candy bars and smashed them up with my meat tenderizer!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

.:Peanut Butter and Jam Bars:.

I found this recipe on another blog, and thought I would re-post it here. I love peanut butter bars, and I thought this was a fun take on them, especially for those of us with little ones! Enjoy!

1/2 C sugar
1/2 C brown sugar
1/2 C shortening
1/2 C creamy peanut butter
1 large egg
1t vanilla
1 1/4 C flour
3/4 t baking soda
1/2 t baking powder
3/4 C strawberry or raspberry jam

1/4 C real butter, melted
2 C powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 T hot water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Cream shortening and both sugars together until light and fluffy. Add peanut butter and combine. Add egg and vanilla and mix until combined. Measure out the 1 1/4 C flour. Add small amounts at a time while mixer is running. When about half of the flour is left add the baking soda and baking powder to it. Combine well and then add to the dough mixture and mix until everything is incorporated.

Reserve one cup of the dough for later use.

Take the remaining dough and press it into the bottom of an ungreased 9x13 pan. I crumble it evenly all over the bottom of the pan and then press it in with my fingers. Crumbling it first helps to create an even thickness.

Then dump your jam on.

Spread the jam over the dough in a nice even layer. Add a little more if you need it. Take the reserved 1 C of dough and use it to cover the jam layer. I take small pieces and press them with my fingers to create flat little pieces of dough. You can also crumble it if you want, but I like the pressing method. Some of the jam will still show through when you're done and that's fine

Bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes. The top should be set and just barely golden brown. Don't overcookWhen done, remove from oven and cool on a rack. While it's cooling you can mix up your glaze.

Wait until they are completely cooled to room temp to glaze (or it really melts all over and falls to the center of the pan and forms a little pool in which you will impulsively dip your finger over and over again until the little pool is no more.)

Let the glaze set for a bit to harden a little and then cut them into squares.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

.:Pork Carnitas:.

We had this last week at my brother in law and sister in law's house, and it was DELICIOUS! I can't wait to make it for us one of these days. So tasty....

1 T packed brown sugar
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp dried oregano leaves
1 T beef base
1 tsp salt
Freshly ground pepper
4 lbs pork loin roast
1/2 C water
Juice of 1 fresh orange
Juice of 1 fresh lime
2 T soy sauce
2 T chopped fresh cilantro, or 1 T dried
1. In small bowl combine the brown sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, beef base, salt and pepper. Set aside.
2. Brown pork roast on all sides in large cooking pot over medium heat.
3. Reduce heat and evenly coat the roast on all sides with spice mixture.
4. Add the water, orange juice, lime juice, soy sauce, and cilantro. Heat to boiling; reduce heat; cover and simmer over low heat for 3.5 - 4 hours or until roast is so tender it falls aprt. (can also be put in oven at about 275 degrees).
5. Discard any fat and shred roast with fork, allowing meat to absorb any juices left in pan.
Serve on tortilla shells (we fried corn ones in oil - so healthy!) and top with pico de gallo (or salsa), onions, cilantro, lime wedges, cheese, guacamole, or whatever you like.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

.:Sauteed Zucchini:.

4 cloves of garlic
3 medium zucchini, sliced
2 tablespoons olive oil

1. Peel and dice the garlic while heating the olive oil in a sauté pan over medium heat.
2. Add garlic and zucchini. Stir occasionally.
3. Cook until zucchini is lightly browned.

Serves 4

NUTRITION INFO (per serving)
Calories: 84.7
Fat: 7.0 g
Carbohydrates: 5.3 g
Protein: 1.9 g

.:Grilled Corn with Lime Butter:.

1-1/2 tablespoons butter, melted
1/4 teaspoon grated lime rind
1-1/2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground red pepper
8 ears shucked corn

1. Prepare grill or broiler.
2. Combine butter, rind, juice, salt and pepper in a small bowl.
3. Place corn on grill rack or broiler pan coated with cooking spray.
4. Cook 10 minutes, turning frequently. Remove from heat and brush corn with butter mixture.

Serves 8

NUTRITION INFO (per 1-ear serving)
Calories: 97.6
Fat: 3.3 g
Carbohydrates: 17.4 g
Protein: 2.9 g

.:Chicken Quesadilla:.

I get recipes from sparkpeople all the time, so I thought I'd post a few that I thought sounded pretty tasty. Here's the first one, Mexican food is always my favorite!

4 (7-inch) whole wheat tortillas
1/2 cup shredded light mozzarella cheese
1/4 cup shredded light cheddar cheese
2 slices smoked chicken or turkey, slivered
2 green onions, thinly sliced
1/2 cup fresh cilantro, finely chopped
1 tomato, finely chopped and drained
2 teaspoons pickled jalapeño peppers, finely chopped

1. Place tortillas, one at a time, on a preheated nonstick skillet.
2. Evenly distribute 1/4 of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, chicken, onions, cilantro, tomatoes and peppers over top.
3. Cook over medium heat until cheese melts (tortilla shouldn't brown).
4. Fold to make half moon and press firmly in place. Transfer to baking sheet or platter in warm oven. Repeat with remaining tortillas and remaining ingredients.
5. Cut each into two or three wedges, and serve immediately.

Serves 2

NUTRITION INFO (per serving)
Calories: 370.3
Fat: 10.2 g
Carbohydrates: 54.0 g
Protein: 20.7 g

5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake!

4 tablespoons flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional)
A small splash of vanilla extract
1 large coffee mug (MicroSafe)

Add dry ingredients to mug, and mix well. Add the egg and mix thoroughly.
Pour in the milk and oil and mix well..
Add the chocolate chips (if using) and vanilla extract, and mix again.
Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts.
The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don't be alarmed!
Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate if desired.
EAT ! (this can serve 2 if you want to feel slightly more virtuous).
And why is this the most dangerous cake recipe in the world?
Because now we are all only 5 minutes away from chocolate cake at any time of the day or night!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

.:Jello Cupcakes:.

We have a family party today. Josh requested my grasshopper cupcakes, which I happily made. But I also thought that I wanted to try something new out, too. I had come across these jello shot cupcakes on a blog I follow, and decided to try it out. Well, minus the rum. Us Mormons prefer our jello plain! :) I thought they might be kind of fun for all the kiddos running around, and also for those that aren't in the mood for heavy chocolate.

- 1 box white cake mix
- oil and eggs as directed on cake mix
- 1 small box of jello (I used strawberry)
- 1 c boiling water

Prepare your cake mix as directed.

Put cupcake liners in your muffin tin (or not, I just hate cleaning out muffin tins!) Fill them 1/2-2/3 full with cake batter.

Bake as directed. When they come out, poke holes in them with a fork.

Combine your jello mix with 1 c boiling water. Stir for two minutes.

Spoon it on top of your cupcakes. I did 3-4 spoonfuls per cupcake. Let them cool before frosting them.

- 2 sticks of butter
- 5 c powdered sugar

- 1 T vanilla
- 3-5 T milk

- strawberry extract to taste (optional)

Mix the ingredients together.

I added red food coloring since I was using strawberry extract. Plus it looks more fun than plain white frosting.

I don't have any fancy frosting tips or anything. I use a trusty Ziplock bag. Put your frosting in the bag, cut off the tip, and frost away.
- 4 small boxes of jello (four different flavors)
- boiling water
- cold water

- 1 can (14 oz.) condensed milk

- 2 envelopes unflavored gelatin

Prepare the four boxes of jello as directed on the box. You'll need four pans. Let them cool for 3-4 hours, or overnight. (I actually did this part before anything else!) When the jello has set, cut the jello into cubes. (Mine don't look very nice. I know.) Carefully mix the jello cubes together in a 9x13 pan. In a separate bowl, add the 2 envelopes of gelatin to 1/2 c cold water. Then add 1 1/2 c boiling water. Stir until the gelatin blooms. (That means thickens, I never knew!)

Add the can of condensed milk and stir.

Pour over jello cubes. Let sit overnight.

Once the jello has set, cut it into pieces and garnish the tops of your frosted cupcakes.

Enjoy! (To see a better picture of the broken glass jello, look here. It is so much more beautiful than mine!)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

.:Finished Bowls:.

Here are the bowls loaded up and ready to deliver as gifts! Pretty cute!

.:Chocolate Bowls:.

I have been wanting to try this out ever since I saw it posted on another blog. Well, we just got done with a huge production with our youth group, and we want to do something nice for the parents who have been SO helpful throughout it all. We are having the girls in my young women's program come over tonite to make 'sweet treats' to take around to them. I thought that these beat out a paper plate any day!

All you need are some balloons, semi-sweet baking chocolate, and some wax paper.

Put your chocolate in a microwaveable bowl. Since I was doing such a large batch, I started off with 60 second intervals. For smaller batches, you'd probably only want to do 30 seconds. I stirred it in between.

While the chocolate was microwaving, I lined a cookie sheet with wax paper and blew up my balloons.

Once the chocolate is melted, LET IT COOL. On the website I got this from, it says even when you think it's cool enough, let it cool some more. Otherwise, you end up with popped balloons and chocolate all over. For my large batch (four boxes of 8 oz. of Baker's chocolate) I let it cool for almost an hour. I stirred it about every fifteen minutes to check the temperature.

Then, take your balloon and dip it in the chocolate.

Set it on the wax paper to cool. (I put mine in the fridge).

Take a pin, and poke a small hole at the top. You don't want the balloon to explode - only the air to let out slowly. I stuck the pin in, and then kind of held the hole open to let the air out.

Peel the balloon out and you have a chocolate bowl! We haven't added any treats to it yet, but once we do, we'll probably wrap it up in cellophane and deliver as gifts!

What a fun way to serve dessert at a dinner party or special occasion!

And what fun are desserts if you don't share them? Here is Reece enjoying her first tastes of chocolate. I think she liked it....